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Philosopher's Stone, can it really create life?

 now picture that with strawberry blond hair and you have current me
Name:Jacklyn Renee Sullivan
Height: 5 foot nothing
Likes:Sweets, Boys, Rping, Books, Music,Clothes, Jewlery,Make up,Friends, Good Food(preferably gourmet), Art Supplies, Cosplaying, Cons, animals, and Money with which to obtain said things
Dislikes: bitches, spiders, jackasses, thunder, loneliness, bad fanfics, cooked carrots, pure darkness, the color brown, spicy food, kairi from kh, mary sues
Strong Points: i'm strong for my gender and age, i'm a good listener,
Weak Points: i'm too loyal and a bleeding heart, i'm stubborn, i'll put others before myself
Pet Peeves: two faced, whiny, look at me type people

Hobbies: writing, singing, drawing, reading, swimming, archery, colorgaurd, studying non boring stuff
Talents:don't have one
Favorite Color:silver
Favorite Food:strawberry cheesecake with white chocolate sauce
Favorite Sport: hmmm....karate
Mature or Immature?: depends on who i'm with i'm versital like that
Leader or Follower?:leader
Words you say would describe you: kind, cheeky, rash, crude, quiet, shy, a walking contradiction
Anything else:thanks for taking time to read

Favorite Sin:wrath
Why?:it's fun to give retribution everyonce and awhile

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