The unPossible (plushabilities) wrote in sinful_rating,
The unPossible

The Philosepher's Stone

Name: Nicole

Nickname: Nic, Nikki, Nicho, Nicholas, Nibs, Nibbles, Plush, Plushy, Edgar, Stitch, etc

Age: 18

Birthdate: 3/17

Height: 5'3"

Likes: Making things, being happy, music, food, cooking, shopping, reading, making money, violent videogames, my boyfriend, sewing

Dislikes: People who lie about serious things for attention, people who harm others for attention, lazy people, people who COULD be intelligent but choose to waste it, unimaginative individuals, 'phobes of all sizes, shapes, creeds, and colors.

Strong Points: Determined, easy going, realistically optimistic, forgiving, high boiling point

Weak Points: When driven hard enough my temper can get nasty, too much of a dreamer, I have problems forgiving people who wrong others intentionally, I like spending money

Pet Peeves: Fake People, Plastic People, 'Phobes

Hobbies: Listening to music, making things, reading smut, doll making

Talents: I can learn to make things quickly. I can make complex mechanics from pictures alone.

Favorite Color: Blue, Black, Red, Yellow

Favorite Food: Unagi

Favorite Sport: Pinnie Tag :D
This is a VERY local game/sport. Other names include: Rape Tag, Hell Tag, Dante's inferno, Fuck Tag

An unlimited number of teams and players may participate. Every team is assigned a color, and every player on that team gets a flag of that color/pattern, which is shoved down the side of their pants. the object is to steal the other players' flags.

Stolen flags are placed in hoola hoops in each teams' territories. Flags can be stolen, and if teams steal back flags of their corresponding color/pattern they can 'resurrect' players who had had their flags stolen.

Of coarse, the location of the flag leads to many, many gropings (accidental and otherwise), and many players resort to violence to guard their hoops. This adds to the excitement of the game.

Mature or Immature?: Depends on the situation

Leader or Follower?: leader, or preferably, independent

Words you say would describe you: Happy, fluffy, strange

Anything else: Extroverted Introvert. 'Nuff said ^_^

Favorite Sin: Greed

Why?: Because it is a sin I am driven by in life. I understand the personality and motives of the homunculus very well, and I can relate to them.
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