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The Philosopher's Stone

Name: Madison
Nickname: Maru-chan
Age: 14
Birthdate: That's a little too personal.
Height: I'm actually not sure. xD
Likes: Cold, warmth, water, sand in between my toes, chocolate, sunsets, hugs, kisses, cute things, small things, beautiful things, little kids, romance, tragedy, angst, tragic romance, angsty romance, more angst, crying, laughing, sunshine, rainbows, puppies(those last three make me fail at life) kitties, anime, manga, guys, girls, emo's, innocence, ice cream, smiley faces, brownies, cake, comedy, action, musicals, music, love and being loved, being needed, shy people.
Dislikes: Useless people, people who think it's all up to them, perfect people, annoying people, arrogant people, emotionless people, overly emotional people, people who think they have to keep talking because they're the greatest thing on the planet, hyper people, people who think they're funny, and people who think they matter in the overall scheme of things.
Strong Points: Once I get motivated to do something, I won't stop until I'm done. I'm really compassionate. I can relate to people well. I'm pretty intelligent. I'm good at making jokes and telling stories.
Weak Points: Sometimes I get scared to say how I really feel or what I really want. I'm overemotional, and I cry too much. I don't hold other people(or myself, for that matter) in high regards. I try to keep people close to me even if I'm not fond of them, because I don't want to be left alone. I'm ruder then I should be to the people close to me. Sometimes I think i'm better then others. I'm much too insecure. I have next to none self confidence. I try to make myself necessary, because it scares me that I'm probably not needed. I'm selfish, greedy, and always want more then I can have. I set my hopes too high, then feel disappointed when these impossible hopes aren't met. I'm much too shy, and I don't talk a lot around people I don't know.
Pet Peeves: Mmmm... Pretty much the same as my dislikes, I guess.
I really don't have that many. I'm okay at writing and drawing, but not amazing, and that's about it. I'm horrible at sports.
Talents: Writing, drawing, making people happy, giving compliments.
Favorite Color: Dark blue. (I swear to god i'm not emo.)
Favorite Food: Spaghetti. nomnomnom.
Favorite Sport: Probably tennis...?
Mature or Immature?: Immature around people i'm comfortable with, mature without their influence.
Leader or Follower?: Follower. (Aren't all of the Homunculi followers, though? How does this help determine anything?)
Words you say would describe you: Lazy, sarcastic doubting.
Anything else: I wonder who I'll get.

Favorite Sin:
Why?: She's hot. Lust is hotter, I know, but Lust gets on my nerves. So, Sloth.
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