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Philosopher's Stone

Name: Anastasya
Nickname: Adalimina
Age: 19
Birthdate: 05.11
Height: 155cm

Likes: sweets,anime,manga,nature, bright colors, orange, light-green and pink colors, rainbows, rain, dawn, cats, ladybirds, butterflies, blossoming plants, soft toys, warmth, tea with a lemon, coffee,water,the sky, breeze, to draw,to listen to music, to dream,to sleep, learning something new,intelligent conversations, people with personalities,people with a good sense of humour...etc. 

Dislikes:lie, treachery, dullness, flattery, hypocrisy, meanness, empty promises, roughness, gossips, aimless conversations, an ingratitude, scandals, advertising, early to rise, when I am given advices, glamour style, shopping,boredom,crowds,beeing ignored,smoking and drinking, grammatic mistakes in words,when something goes not the way I’ve planned... etc. 

Strong Points: 
-I learn quickly
-I can tell my weak points :3
-I’m:   forgivable,kind,responsible,purposeful(when it is needed),intellectual,precise,creative,imaginative

Weak Points: 

-I'm very self-enamoured;


-Sometimes I'm not serious about certain thing;

-Sometimes I lack self-confidence;

-I'm short of temper and a spitfire;

-I’m very curious ;

-I’m jealous
-I'm greedy

-I love to annoy people;

-Very talkative (but only with those who know me good and who I trust) otherwise I’m unsociable.

Pet Peeves: dullness,self-sufficiency.

Hobies:watching anime,reading manga,drawing,photography,listening to music

Talents: drawing,singing,the ability to learn quickly,a rather good memory.

Favorite Color: orange
Favorite Food: ice-cream,chocolate
Favorite Sport: swimming
Mature or Immature?: immature
Leader or Follower?: either I’m a loner,either a leader(lately mostly a loner).Probably because I don’t like other people telling me what to do or give advices.
Words you say would describe you:
energetic,cheerfull, self-enamoured ,short of temper,spitfire,curious,optimistic,daydreamer,sometimes extravagant,inconstant,kawaii,with a sense of humor,judicious,forgivable,lazy but purposeful,introverted(sometimes), analytical, intellectual,  critical, precise,  creative, imaginative, unsociable, determined, risky but careful enough…
Anything else: No

Favorite Sin: If you mean from the animanga,then it's Envy
Why?: egoistic,cruel,evil,self-enamoured,a spitfire...etc.
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