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The Philosopher's Stone

Name: Tiffany
Nickname: I don't really have one.
Age: 16 in a few days
Birthdate: September 10, 1990
Height: Five foot, three inches
Likes: Ireland, Japan, biology, music, anime, 80s rock music, writing, singing, guitar, being with the few friends I have, being myself, forming my own opinions after looking at both sides, politics
Dislikes: People who think they're better then everyone else, people who are controling, nit-picky, who think they can never do anything wrong. I also dislike obsessive fangirls who are like 'OMG!! Ed Elric is mine and no one else can have him, etc, etc.' I also don't like writing papers (*procrastinates*). I also hate it when people (especially my mom) control my emotions, opinions, personal life, etc. I hate being kept from doing something I love.
Strong Points: I am very strong-willed to the point of being stubborn, debative, able to hold opinions, friendly, can keep my cool in an argument, am able to partly discipline myself, not afraid to be put in charge, good listener, am able to find out most secrets, can admit when I make a mistake, am willing to change myself for someone else, can generally understand where someone comes from in a situation, can try my best even though I'm not the best.
Weak Points: I'm entirely too down on myself and I angst way too much. I have issues with my mom and keep what I feel about her to myself and a few friends to the point where I end up hurting more. I'm not open around her at all. I beat myself up on the inside all the time for little mistakes. I also get very attached to my friends. Generally I consider myself strong on the outside but I angst and go emo way to often. My weak point is also my friends because if someone brings them into the picture, it makes me angry. If I'm pushed too far I'll end up losing my temper. Then things get ugly (though I have improved in the past six months).
Pet Peeves: Loud people, noisy disobedient kids, profanity, porn everywhere, people being late, people breaking promises, perverted comments, people whining about little everyday irritations, people complaining about getting a little dirty. Please.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, singing, anime, schoolwork (excepte Brit Lit), hanging out on LJ, talking to my friends, keeping up school records.
Talents: I can sing, write decent fanfiction, listen to my friends, angst like a pro (believe me when I say I've woken my boyfriend up to angst), I can get along with pretty much everyone, I can cook and clean and watch my siblings. I'm also fairly decent in school. I can also be very humble (I have an extremely low self-esteem).
Favorite Color: Blue, silver, white and black
Favorite Food: I eat pretty much anything.
Favorite Sport: I don't play anything but I like watching football, Irish dance and martial arts.
Mature or Immature?: I'm more mature than most.
Leader or Follower?: I like to follow but if the situation requires it then I'll take charge.
Words you say would describe you: Independent, hard-working, honest, stubborn, angsty, happy, level-headed, smart
Anything else: This is how I look: Darker blonde hair right past the shoulders, pale skin, gray/green eyes, decently proportioned. Basically if you put Winry and Riza together, you would get me.

Favorite Sin: Lust
Why?: She's the most human of all of them and she's the coolest because she does follow but she also knows when to cut her own path because it's right. She's awesome (and drop-dead gorgeous as well). Envy's a close second because he's just cool.
Tags: sloth, stamped
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