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Philosophers' Stone is really an ostrich egg. o_0

Nickname: J.P., Dodobird
Age: Twelve
Birthdate: 8.8.94
Height: 5'2"
Likes: Drawing, reading, writing, teasing others (not in a rude way, most of the time. Just friendly teasing.), daydreaming, sleeping, Internet, trance music, celery, swimming, chocolate (to the MAX!), my birthday, butterflies, the numbers 8 and 4, spelling, brushing my hair, horror movies, comedies, roller coasters, cooking, web design, singing, Christmas, and Halloween (for the presents and candy.)

Dislikes: Being messy, loudness that isn't me or caused by me, vacuum cleaners, labels, my brother, cooked vegetables, nuts, Mary-Sues, unnecessary physical contact, my bad eyesight, snoops, rap, being forced to do anything, cleaning my room, odd numbers.

Strong Points: Inteligent, funny (in a warped way), generous, tolerant, enjoy listening to people, shoulder to cry on and a person to rant at, artist, can take it easy and am good at avoiding stress, a very loyal friend, confident, (though sometimes overly), I'm not afraid to admit stuff or speak my mind, I defend my friends, I'm helpful, and I'm very persuasive. 

Weak Points: Absentminded, very short fuse, low self-control, bad at using my inside voice, manipulative, control freak, can be outright mean, I lie too much, perverted, I walk into walls and poles often, and I laugh at the worst moments, a lot of times it's nervous laughter, and I ramble too much.

Pet Peeves:
 People who call at the worst times, people who talk back to me, being interrupted, getting more than one message or call at a time, my little brother, people who get me in trouble, too many others talking at once, and being woken up too early, people who won't stop laughing, because then I start laughing, and then I can't stop.

Hobbies: Singing, reading, drawing, writing (but only fiction, and only on my time), web design, science (mostly anatomy and body systems), daydreaming, sleeping, puppetry, talking to friends and planning sleepovers and parties and the like.
Talents: I have a large vocabulary (even though I only use it when I need to.), I can always get out of trouble, and I can get my way a lot, usually by a mix of lying, bargaining, and guilting. I have a knack for web and graphics design, I can write and draw well, but only on my own time. I'm a good speller, and a bit of a grammar Nazi (and a hypocrite XD), and I can make friends easily. I'm a really good swimmer, and even though I can't read notes, I can play piano pretty well.

Favorite Color: Blues and greens.
Favorite Food: Sushi, chocolate, and celery with cream cheese or peanut butter.
Favorite Sport: Swimming.
Mature or Immature?: Immature, most of the time.
Leader or Follower?: Follower, I just try to pull the strings so I'm happy.
Words you say would describe you: Loyal, rude, childish, smart, romantic, a dreamer, a good friend.
Anything else: I have an odd fear of vacuum cleaners, from when I tried to vacuum my room when I was younger and I vacuumed up a guitar string and the vacuum caught on fire. I also like sleeping because during the school year, I get very little sleep, and so on the summer and weekends, I milk my time for all it's worth. I get sick a lot, so I take a lot of medicine, and even when I'm off of it, when I start laughing, or I see somebody else laughing, I go into fits and cannot stop giggling, until instead of regular laughing, it's more of a high-pitched psycho giggle.

Favorite Sin: Wrath.
Why?: Who can't love the psycho kid? XD

Pics: Not allowed, but I'm a blonde, I have blue-green eyes, I have a programmer's tan, and I'm a bit short, at least, compared to other people my age.
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