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Do you permit it?

The Philsopher's Stone

Name: Alice
Nickname: Al,Ali
Age: 18
Birthdate: 10th November 1989
Height: 5"6

parties,rain,music - listening to it loud,concerts,art,reading,playing the guitar,football(soccer),London,cult films,laughing,food,sleeping,debates,expo's,play fighting,cancelled lessons,mahjong,hair spray

close minded people,people who act stupid when they arn't,people who have no common sense or knowledge,clothes that don't fit,those who put others down,back stabbers,sunday nights,monday mornings,IDIOTS!

Strong Points:
Keen awareness and understanding of peoples feelings and emotions.Compassionate,trustworthy,loyal,creative,inventive and open minded.Intelligent.

Weak Points:
Having to be in control all the time and regardless of the situation.Snappy and dismissive now and then.Extremely indecisive over trival matters that shouldnt be given a second thought.Self destructive,obsessive and an extreme
perfectionist.Unmotivated in situations that don't interest me.Pessimistic to the extreme,slightly vulgar bit of a sadist.

Pet Peeves:
Rudeness.Even down to such instances when people don't say thank you for holding the door open for them.I usually shout out 'THATS OK!!!' at their re-treating back.I dislike people who act stupid because they think it's cute or funny.Just...argh! It's so annoying.I suppose linked to that is girls (and I suppose boys as well,though I don't know any) who put on baby voices.Ack.must.kill

Getting to see as many live bands as possible,drawing/sketching/painting/etc,generally getting out as much as I can - parties.


Favorite Color:
Black along with either red or green.

Favorite Food:
Noodles.Seriously,just simple.

Favorite Sport:
I suppose I would go with football (soccer) <3 Arsenal.

Mature or Immature?:
Immature overall,though I know the right times to be mature.Immature is just more satisfying.

Leader or Follower?:
Leader.I have to be in control regardless of the situation.Maybe it's because I'm looking out for others interests.But,when I want something done I feel as if i need to do it myself otherwise it wont be done to the standard I have in mind

Words you say would describe you:

Anything else:

Favorite Sin: Greed
Why?: Oh hell,the guy is brilliant.The whole betraying Dante and the fact that he is such an all-around arrogant bastard.

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