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The Philosophers Stone

Name: Serina
Nickname: Sasu-chan
Age: 28
Birthdate: Oct 11
Height: 5'5
Likes: roleplaying, music, 'thinking time', solitude, sleep
Dislikes: chocolate, stupid people, obesity, 'sheep', being wrong, sex, lies, myspace.. this could go on forever really
Strong Points: Natural leader and strong willed. Chose my own path as I feel like it. Insightful and intelligent. Patient.
Weak Points: An isolationist. Little interest in other's thoughts or feelings. I live in my own mind.
Pet Peeves: People. Ugliness. Dirty dishes. Nagging. Dishonesty and hiding things. Uchiha haters who can't even give a good supporting arguement.

Hobbies: Sleeping, roleplaying, going to the gym, and stalking my best online friend teambenevolence ;D
Talents: Not caring about you. Succeeding in whatever I choose to do. Balancing, and cruelty.
Favorite Color: Purple, wine, black
Favorite Food: Chinese and chicken romano
Favorite Sport: >.O stealing candy from children Figure skating, I guess
Mature or Immature?: Neither.
Leader or Follower?: Leader but I don't like to lead.
Words you say would describe you: leader, pragmatic, detached, reliable, shallow, angry
Anything else:
I know.. I'm not the nicest person. For the hell of it, here's more personality specifics.
On the Meyer Briggs/Jung personality test I score "INTJ" and "INTP" with a 3% difference on the J and P so it shifts on the mood/day. I am extremely intelligent, but with it comes disorders. The most prominent ones being PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder), APD (antisocial personality disorder), Schizo-affective, BPD (borderline personality), and NPD (narcisstic personalty).

Favorite Sin: Ahh.. would have to be pride, wrath, or greed. I think I'll go with greed.
Why?: Because in this world you cannot get anywhere with nothing. Everything is determined by your worth, whether it be material, mental, or spiritual. I believe greed is more than a desire for physical possessions and money, but a strong desire for anything that goes beyond what is necessary. One could say a slut is greedy for either attention or sex. My cat is totally greedy for food. The church is greedy for your cash. Hell is greedy for your souls. And I am greedy for your rating. ;D See? It is all-encompassing, which people do not realize.

Edit: *_*; For some reason I was thinking original sins, but incase the last question meant characters..
Lust and Envy are my two favorites. Lust is just sexy, and I like Envy's eyes. Yup, shallow reasons.

Edit: Last question appended.

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