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I am a dark angel.

Okay let me think second time doing these ratings.

thanks for letting me join ( before I begin.)

Name: Sandra
Nickname: Kiya
Age: 19
Birthdate: 04 - 29 - 1988
Height: 5'4"
Likes:  Scythes, angels ( dark angels like reapers.), Green, black, music, anything sharp and pointy.
Dislikes: whiny people, dogs, loud noises, people who complain about having nothing when they obviously are just too ignorant to what they do have.
Strong Points: My strong point is my will power it takes me a long time before I cave into something.
Weak Points: I get in over my head too much, and bite off more I can chew. I am " Sensitive" when it comes to things that really hit me or hurt me.
Pet Peeves: lazy people, spoiled people, rich people ( no offense but could offer more to those in need.)

Hobbies: Collecting manga, swords, music.
Talents: I can sing, dance, draw and am extremely flexible.
Favorite Color: Black, Green, and gold.
Favorite Food: dragonfruit
Favorite Sport: anything that doesn't require me to get dirty.
Mature or Immature?: Mature.
Leader or Follower?: Leader.
Words you say would describe you: unique I am an odd one but am rare. once I set my sights on something I will achieve it.
Anything else: .. there is sooo much more.. but I'd bore you so whats my rating?

Favorite Sin: Envy
Why?: I can relate to this sin more than any other because I've always wanted what others have. I hate it when people in general say they never have anything when they obviously have had much more then I ever will have.

Quick Edit:  And Envy is such a wicked character. love him! <3

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