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Name: Alaina
Age: 18
Height: 5'6"
Likes: My Family, Reading, Relaxing, Being Happy, Drawing, Planning, Writing, Dancing, Books, Music, Nice People, Southern Rock, etc.
Dislikes: Incessant Noise, Insensitivity, Pigheadedness, Cruelty
Strong Points: Good humored, good natured, empathetic, quiet, nice, fast learner, creative, etc.
Weak Points: Unmotivated, quiet, shy, a little insecure, etc.
Pet Peeves: The same as my dislikes?
Hobbies: Reading, Creating Things, Drawing, Writing
I'm fairly smart. I'm pretty good with kids. I'm decent with creative things, like drawing, making graphics, designing websites, etc.
Favorite Color: I'm a fan of warm and rich colors like brown and red.
Favorite Food: I like watermelon and Mac and Cheese. Basically I like foods that are NOT super rich. So, you can get me to eat calamari, but I'm not touching the mashed potatoes.
Favorite Sport: I like soccer, ice skating, and gymnastics, but I don't really participate in any of them. I used to play soccer, though.
Mature or Immature?: I think I'm pretty mature.
Leader or Follower?: Well, if someone else is willing to lead, I'll stand back. I don't really like holding power over people, so I tend to stay in the background. At the same time though, I won't follow someone I don't believe in. And if no one else is leading, I'm up for the challenge.
Words you say would describe you: Well, I'm fairly laid back, kind of quiet and calm, and I really care about how others are feeling.
Anything else: Nope. That's it. ^^

Favorite Sin: Yaoi Gluttony and Greed
Why?: It's tough, but I'm quite fond of Gluttony, because he's rather cute. And Greed was certainly interesting.

Remember to post at least 1 clear picture of yourself behind an LJ-cut (unless you aren't able to...then a description would be nice):
Well, no picture but I can give a description. I'm 5'6" and about 120 lbs. I've got bottom-of-my-ear length short brown hair and purple glasses. My eyes are brown, I've got some light freckles, and I have super pale skin. I tend to dress fairly casually, usually jeans and a nice blouse, but skirts are fun for more classy events.
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