Panffle (katesmannequin) wrote in sinful_rating,

Your mom is a Philosopher's Stone. Oh, burn...

Name: Kate
Nicknames: K-chan, Katie-sama, HEY YOU THERE WITH THE BOOKS
Age: 14
Birthdate: July 25th. That makes me a Leo... which doesn't fit at all.
Height: 5'0" and WHY ARE YOU ASKING THIS.
Likes: music, acoustic guitar, drawing, cats, things that are somewhere between cute and creepy, skeletons, writing, fanfiction, coffee, olives (my main vice, heh), and manga, of course ^___^
Dislikes: screamo music (usually), overly girlie girls, vegetables, being told what to do, badly drawn 90's shojo with absolutely no strong female characters (hell, lack of strong female characters in general...)
Strong Points: Loyal, creative
Weak Points: Jealous, too sensitive, introverted, painfully shy, selfish, overemotional, did I mention jealous...
Pet Peeves: People who try to force their opinions on others. Oh, and censorship.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, costume design (sometimes.)
Talents: I don't really have any.
Favorite Color: Black or white. Either, I guess.
Favorite Food: Spaghetti!
Favorite Sport: Karate... I used to take it, but I quit because my instructor was kind of an asshole.
Mature or Immature?: Both. It changes.
Leader or Follower?: Follower.
Words you say would describe you: "shy otaku fangirl with an aversion to public speaking"...
Anything else: Nah... that's it ^^;;

Favorite Sin: You mean characterwise? Ummm... probably Envy.
Why?: HE'S A PALM TREE. That wins him points already. Also... well, everyone has room in their heart for another fucked up homicidal maniac, right?

Remember to post at least 1 clear picture of yourself behind an LJ-cut (unless you aren't able to...then a description would be nice):

Here you go. ^^;; Please excuse the UGLY.

And no, I do NOT look like this normally. My friends gave me a makeover. Ugh.

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I'm thinking Envy
I see Wrath, for many things. First, you like things between cute and creepy, and he definitely countsXD. Also, you look for strong female references (which I share, BTW ^^), and Wrath has been doing this all his life (add to that that all the important and relevant emotional attachments, both good and bad, are with women: Izumi, Sloth, Dante...). You're loyal (which he is, to the point of obsession) and creative (he INVENTED a new alchemy using his misshapen body-origins). You're prone to jealousy (like him is with Ed), too sensitive (his reactions), painfully shy (remember that first meeting between him and the brothers?), selfish (momma, momma, momma, MOMMA!!!) and overemotional. You're also a follower